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Beck Lake Fishing Report: 6-30-06

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Fished Beck Lake from a canoe from 6:45pm-8:30pm. Mostly sunny; temps in mid 70's; light variable winds.

Beautiful evening. Augy and I got his canoe out and went to work. Not much happening at all. As the sun was getting lower some BIG fish started to jump sporadically. We worked Senko's, Chatterbaits, spinners, Rapala's. Finally I tossed a Tournament Frog and landed a nice 17.5 inch largemouth bass. Augy then landed a, well, largemouth bass too. Take a look...

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Hey Augy, you caught my fish! I had one that size last season! Nice catch Jason. Keep pullin those in and I just may believe you guys about Beck.
Nice fish and nice report, I love seeing those big bass from beck
Good job, guys :) Whatever Augy landed his big LM on, I'm sure it was bigger than the fish itself :lol:
Hey Jason
Man nice catch!
Where on Beck were ya throwin the frog?
We were out on the canoe chasing the "big splashes". Finally wound up just north of the island on the flats and after several lures decided to cast the frog out.

The water was like glass, there was no wind, and the hopes were high, but the results were not happening. Then all of a sudden, there was a freaking explosion on my lure! THIS is why I love fishing! Topwater fishing is unbelievable when you catch a fish. I was f--king juiced all night and today after catching that fish. MAN... I love fishing!
hey man, that bass put up one helluva fight. pulled a whole 1/2 inch of drag. :mrgreen: Fan, I was throwing a J5 hoping to get on some of that topwater action. Guess I did.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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