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Beck Lake Fishing Report: 9-4-06

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Fished from 2pm-4pm. Cloudy, periods of light rain, very light NE winds, clouds then sun, temps about 70.

I LOVE overcast days for fishing! Went with the heavy artillery (baitcaster and spinnerbaits) hoping for a northern pike or a big bass. Wound up with a skunk.

Ran into Rainking (Brian) who was just starting. Hopefully he or his GF caught something.

Saw one other angler catch a small bluegill, that's it.
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Jason, Glad to hear that you are at least making use of that new baitcaster. I've struggled enough with my newly acquired POS rod and reel that I'm just about to give up on it. I will probably remain a life-long spinning rod amateur. :D
Don't give up on the baitcaster. There is a definite learning curve with them. It usually isn't something that you can just pick up like a spinning reel.
I met the president of the bass fishing team down here at my school, and he is amazing with the baitcaster. Not only does he cast significantly farther with the baitcasting reel, he lands it perfectly in tiny pockets without any splash. I've never seen anybody so good at them, and since watchin' him I really dont see a need for spinning reels ever again unless ur flippin under docks, or sight-fishing where you need light line and baits.
We had similiar success Jason. Spent about two hours there on Monday. I had one good strike on a grn pmpkn senko, set the hook, and he went airborne five seconds later and jumped the hook. I dropped my rod in disgust and we went home shortly thereafter. Better days ahead!
It was probably nice to be out anyways Jason. I have been making some morning pond jaunts lately and it amazing how relaxed I feel after every trip. It is better then therapy (or so I would imagine :p )
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