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Beck lake outing Sat. 15th July

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I was going to fish Beck early AM this Sat (if my wife doesn't go into labor by then) and thought if any of you would like to join your more than welcome. So far TSevs and Culprit are in. Jason if I can get his ass to wake up early enough. I'm going to walk over around 4 am from my house which is only a few minutes walking distance to get on the pre-dawn bite. Let me know if your interested. Of course you don't have to come that early but if you want to, you guys can park at my house and walk over with me. I usually just take a few things. assortment of senkos, dingers, and a few cranks, topwaters in my vest and something to drink. so i can walk around. hopefully the fish and weather will cooperate.
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4am, Augy? :shock: You just gave me horrible flash backs of climbing out of bed half dead only to get skunked while fishing the trout opener at Axehead this year :lol: I don't think I'll be able to make it, but good luck to y'all :)
Oh, and good luck to Meena with the delivery :wink:
early bird gets worm! or fish in this case. i'm going that early so i'll have a better chance of NOT getting skunked. I WANT THAT 6 lb'er REAL BAD!
Sounds a little early to me too. It is going to be hot on Saturday, so going out early would be a good idea. I'll have to see. I was going to go with one of my patients up to a private pond in Wisconsin that is stocked with bass. Nobody really fishes it except us and we only go several times a year.
come out whenever you can. i'll be out there at least until 10am. ya'll know what i look like and if jason comes just look for the geeky red headed dude. :wink: i'll be working the north end of the pond.
Illl go on sat 4am? no problemo i have to go buy some more senkos and maybe a smaller box so i dont have to carry my huge tackle box but count me in :lol:
i don't remember saying i would go but yeah i'll try and make it out maybe not 4am but i might be there around 6 or 7am once again i'm new to shore fishing so don't laugh it i look like a dumbash out there

i'll be wearing my cubs hat as always and sox fans please keep the words to yourself i have heard enough about the whole cubs sox thing
no problem tom. i'm assuming you know where beck is. we'll be on the north end.

jordan, check you PM. sent you directions to my house.
ok cool yeah i know where it is i was there on the 4th east river rd to where it dead ends on central rd right? i'll try and find you guys i'll be the white boy walking up to you guys so don't jump me or anything for invading ur fishing spot
I think that was me that Augy initially included (thinking it was Tom) as who is already in. Augy, can you pm me your address? I will try to join you at 4am at your crib.
I thought the lake doesn't open until sunrise? You guys know more about it than me, anyway, count me in. I'll tell my cat to start clawin me if I'm not up by 3 :wink: . Hopefully I can pick up a few pointers from you guys and with any luck land a fish or two. It's been a bad stretch the last few days out, no fish to show for my efforts. I was out at Beck again the last two days after work for 1 1\2 hrs each time and have nothing to show for it. I'd have posted the results but I'm gettin tired of posting skunks. I'll probably figure out pretty quickly who you guys are but if you see a guy wandering around aimlessly on the shoreline looking lost, it's probably me.
Ranking, you are correct. The FP doesn't open until sunrise (which should be about 5:30-6am). However, Augy kindly offered to let us park at his house (which is walking distance) to Beck. That way we can start fishing before the parking lot is opened. PM Augy for his directions if you plan on showing up before sunrise. See you there!
Well... I was planning on going camping Saturday along the Fox River but that might not be until the afternoon. Count me as a definate maybe.
"definately mabye"? sounds kinda like absolutely possible, aka "we'll see if I can wake up". I think it's also the title of the british pop sensation Oasis album.
We got ourselves a nice lil shindig! Not bad for not organizing. Who's bringing the beer? Remember to bring something to drink, sun-block, bug spray, cameras, munchies if you gotta eat breakfast.

Let's see, here's the list so far.

Early birds:

Late birds and definate maybes:

ok boys, get plenty of sleep and no bar hoping tonight!
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edai2000 said:
I think that was me that Augy initially included (thinking it was Tom) as who is already in. Augy, can you pm me your address? I will try to join you at 4am at your crib.
oops. :oops: glad both of yous can make it. :mrgreen:
wish I could join you guys I love that little honey hole I haven't had much luck from shore but that early you guys can probally get some bites. Me and Culprit had alot of luck there early am and late evenings. We have been trown out of there a few late nights by the Forest preserve Police
Good Luck guys Hopefully this will happen again in the next few Months My kids will be going back home to Montana and I will have more Fishing time
no problem guys. there will be many more chances we can fish together. anybody else who is thinking about it, just show up if you want. lake is big enough for everyone.

ok guys, i'm leaving the office which means no more internet access. hope i sent everyone PM's with my address and cell #. if not, PM someone else who is attending and they should be able to hook you up.

see guys tomorrow.
I will likely not be joining the 4am crowd. I need some much needed sleep - insomnia problems. But if I'm up, i'll try to come out.

I WILL be fishing the Fox River tomorrow afternoon at the Yorkville Dam and camping out overnight. If anyone wants to join it should be a great evening to fish. Send me a PM if interested.
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