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It was a gorgeous day to be outdoor. Fishing from 5:10-6:00pm at the south end. With so many people around, I was not sure if I could catch anything. I left my buzzbait at home so I tried something different. After several casts of J-13 (gold color) without anything biting, I changed to an old crane bait (about 3.5", white body with red tip). My first several casts were terrible because I got "birdnest" on my reel. I spent quite a while trying to untangle the line, and didin't pay much attention to what was in the water. Then I felt a strong pull and it turn out to be a big LMB. It measured about 17.5" and it was probably the biggest LMB I've ever caught. I had left my camera phone in the car so I had to let it go without a picture. Wow, mysterious Beck does hold some treasures. I will definitely try again.

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