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Beck Lake report 3-15-06

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Fished Beck from 5:15-6:15 today. Temps in the low 40s, and very light winds. Felt warmer than it really was. Caught a 17 in LM Bass on a spinnerbait on the NE corner of the lake, at around 6pm, just as the sun was setting. I caught two LM bass around 12 in earlier this month at Foster Ave., but this was my first good sized bass of the year, so naturally I was excited. I quickly put my rod down, unhooked the fish, put it back into the lake gently, and got up to keep on fishing. But I started noticing this stink that just would not go away. I looked under my shoes but saw nothing, so kept on fishing, but the smell was still there... And then finally, I noticed that my reel had a big chunk of fresh dog poop on it! (Must have gotten on there when I was unhooking the fish.) So I tried my best to wash it off in the lake and then decided to pack up and head home.

All in all, a good trip, and I tried to not let the dog poop smell ruin my memory of a good catch :)
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Fan... it's SO nice to read that report! You actually caught a bass this time of year on a spinnerbait? And at Beck!? Dude... you DA MAN!

Keep getting out, my friend. You are really doing exactly what this site is all about... fishing our favorite places, sharing information, and catching fish!
Thanks for the kind words, Jason :) Can't wait for this cold front to blow through so that we can all do more fishing.
Nice catch! I was there earlier in the afternoon fishing the same area and got skunked.
Thanks guys. Actually, I've gotten skunked quite a bit at Beck. But when I have caught something, it's almost always been a 16in+ LM bass. The only two exceptions (both from Fall 2005) have been an 11 in crappie, and this little guy, which was barely larger than the spinnerbait that caught its fancy :D

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Nice BF! But did ya have to go and tell us about cleaning the doggy poopy in the water. Not that the water isn't infested with crap anyway...but now I have an image of it. :mrgreen:
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