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Beck Lake Stocking Info and More

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Here's some info that may or may not be helpful...

Beck Lake:
38 Acres
1.1 mile shoreline (almost all accessible for fishing)

1999 - 120,000 walleye fry stocked
1999 - 144 8"-10" northern pike stocked
2000 - 425,000 walleye fry stocked
2000 - 144 8"-10" northern pike stocked

Where are all these walleye and northern pike? Don't know. I've heard of northern being caught, but only sporadic reports of walleye.

I certainly think that if either fish are going to be active, this will be the time of year for them.

There are some BIG bass in this lake and my 21" bass from a few weeks ago is proof. There are also some real nice crappie.
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Maybe the Bass ate the fry :lol:
Wow! I know this is an old post but that just tells me that there has to be some big eyes down there! I gonna have to check beck out by boat, do you know what time the gates open?
As Beck Lake is a Cook County Forest Preserve Lake the gate are supposed to be open from sunrise till sunset. They are pretty good about getting them open early.

I've talked to some pretty credible sources about Beck Lake and have only heard of sporadic reports of walleye. And I myself, have never caught one or witnessed one caught. But people swear they are in there. Though I usually fish for bass, i'm thinking of picking up some leeches and Lindy-rigging them along some drop-offs/channels, etc., to try for some walleye myself.
Where is Beck Lake located?
Click on the main page for directions to Beck Lake
eyeballs at beck! :shock: i'll get the canoe ready! this weekend is supposed to be saaweet.
I didnt believe it myself, until I heard about it.
the gates are not open on a consistent basis. i've waited up until 6:45 last week and was pissed so i went to the glen instead. hello...sunrise is like 5:15 these days. sometimes they don't even close the gates at night.
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