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Beck report 10.7.2006

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Aris and I took out Aris' 14 ft boat for her maiden vovaye at Beck this Sat. Beautiful day but not much action with the fish. Water temp 59-60*. boated a single 15.5 inch bass on powerworm dragged along the bottom in what looked to be the only piece of cabbage remaining at beck. it looked like a single strand of weed growth in the middle of the north end of the lake. LOL. i think they did a weed kill here as well. DAMNIT!!!

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Nice pics. Glad you got to get out on the boat. Always fun.
Moveing in on me Augy nice fish buy the way. Now don't make me make a call to my uncle Tony Soprano..............LOL I love that lake me and Aris Fished it in my 16ft acouple times. I caught a 5# LMB there
Looks like you guys had a beautiful day on the lake. Thanks for the report. I still think that there are some big fish in there. Hopefully we'll have some ice this year so I can get out there and try for some big ones.
Atleast we were able to check out the boat and make sure it floats. lol.
We had 2 bites all day,atleast we boated the 1 haaaaaa
Nice job Augy !
Hey u did better than the last Deep outing lol
i've been barely avoiding the skunk lately. pheww! it's nice getting on something. at least we know that the boat floats right.
Thank's for testing it out....LOL Now i know I am safe
Nice fish and nice pics of the lake!

Fishing has been slow for me also, the people I am with are outfishing me 3 to 1. Maybe I smell or should change deodorant
u never know mrb. fish are sensitive to smell. :mrgreen:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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