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Beck report 3.17 and 18, 2006

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17th, Friday, fished from 4 to 5:30. NE winds at 10-15 mph. Temps in the low to mid 30's. Freeline with minners at south end of lake.

First cast fish on. Decent 14-15 incher. Rest of the outing not a damn thing. Good to get a bass on at Beck early in the season. Will post pic when I can download it from Meena's phone.

18th, Saturday, fished from 11 to 2:30. NNE winds at 15-20mph. Temps in upper 30's. Freeline with minners from yesterday.

Started along the east bank and worked my way up to the northern most part of the lake for about 2 hours with nothing. Decided to try the south end where I fished yesterday and whaddya know...first cast fish on. A nice 17-18 inch LM. Then nothing. Had to pick up my girl from work. Took a photo of it but I didn't store it right in my girls phone. Time for a new camera. 8)
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Nice job, Augy! I was at Beck myself this afternoon from about 2-4 and saw someone squatting under a tree at the south end when I first got there. I should've stopped by to say hi; I bet that was you :)

I pulled a blue kite out of the water on the south end of the lake on my first cast, and then worked along the eastern side all the way up to the north end. Tossed spinners, crankbaits, and nightcrawlers, but not a single bite. I guess minnows are still the food of choice this time of the year.

I ran into another guy fishing who showed me a picture on his cell phone of a big LM bass he caught last week. He claimed it was 25 in; it was hard to tell from the cell phone picture he showed me exactly how big it was because there was nothing else in the pic to reference the size, but it did look pretty big.

Anyway, it was good to get out and walk about today :)
I saw that same guy last Saturday with the picture of the LMB on his Razr cell phone. It was hard to tell how big it was. He then showed me on his pole how long it was. If it was as long as he claimed, it probably was about 6 pounds. He told me he thought it was 10 pounds. Yeah right.
LMAO! He showed me that pic too. 25 incher, ehhhh, I don't know about that. That's an awful big bass. Not saying Beck doesn't hold such great bass but some anglers do stretch the truth a bit.

BF...yup, that was me sitting on my minner bucket on the south end. You should of stopped by. I would of shared my minners withcha.

Beck is starting to look like my primary fishing destination again. I think it's going to be a good year.

BTW, anybody know when they open the boat launches? I'd like to take my canoe out come this weekend.
I was at Beck yesterday with my son and we got skunked. Everyone that I talked to there yesterday didn't get anything. The funny thing was we were fishing the north end of the lake and a coyote came out of the woods on the east side between two guys that were fishing there. Neither one of them saw it.
Toothdoc, I was one of the guys on the east side when the coyote apparently came out. (I had a baseball cap on with a "C" on it.) And yup, I had no idea it was ever there. You had me watching my back constantly until I finally packed up :shock: It was nice meeting you. Good luck fishing this year with your son :)
I should have known that was you with the Cubs hat on. I am sorry if I scared you when I asked you if you saw the coyote. I just thought that it was pretty cool to see one that close and you were much closer to him than me. I have hardly fished Beck before this year. It looks like a good place to go and it is close to my home. Maybe I'll see you there again sometime. I might go out this weekend on Saturday, but I will be out of town next week.
Theres a group or a family of coyotes living in there somewhere. Ran into them last summer on a few occasions. Pretty cool encountering wild animals when you fish Beck. Plenty of deer too. Saturday I saw a beaver swimming right at me. Went to take a pic and disappeared.
I saw that coyote run across Central a few weeks ago. Saturday when I saw him, my son and I were about 200 yards away. My son tried to get closer to it to get a picture and it ran back in the woods.
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