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Belleau Lake Trout Opener 4-04-09

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I went there at 11 Am, and got out at 1:24:


Not one bite, or pass...

): . In all my techniques, I used a Springlock Bobber, two small splitshots, 10lb test (diam 7lb), my salmon rod, and I alternated between Salmon Spawn Sacks, and Halfs of Nightcrawler on a size 6 baitholder hook.

That technique is the same as the type I want to apply when I go to fish at Lake Michigan.

During the whole outing, I didn't see anybody catch a trout, or bass. Except for this guy who had a stringer with 3 unidentified fish (assumed Rainbow trout).

There was this old lady cleaning up the discarded line, and I felt bad. Near the end, I casted out, near the parkinglot of the lake, and I got into a tangle with this guy, and the person had no clue what was happening.

In the end, what really defined my day is this fat couple who kept speaking behind my back as I casted, about how pissed I was!!

PISSED!!!!!!! :evil:
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Just got back from Belleau not one bite walk the entire lake with no luck,and it started to snow while i was there,saw alot of fish jumping on the surface so i'am sure it was stock.

Later Rich
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