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Belmont Bass!!!!

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HAd a nice sized crowd watch me try to catch this bass at Belmont had him but couldnt land the hitt. I caught a goby and i watched the bass go after the gills and rock bass so i threw the goby at the bass and BOOOM!!! I caught him he was pretty big he wus 16-18 inch big bass. i was so happy mann. i started yellin i was likeee yeaaaaaaaaaa i got me a basss lolll it was awesome. I luv fishing

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Nice catch dude!
Good job on the Belmont bass!
NICE FISH MAN guess it was a good thing you didnt come wit to the private lakes lol
Nice....gobies work!

just a tip be careful in that spot tho, almost got a ticket last time i was that close to the docks.

Nice fish tho dude!
i caught the goby on a regular hook with a crawler off the bottom
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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