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BF Foster report 8/18/06

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Fished the NSC at Foster from 4:30-6 today. Caught a few LM bass in the 10-12" range. Steady light rain the whole time, which kept away the crowd. I haven't seen this area so empty in a long time. Also, the water level was the lowest I've ever seen it, with a lot of the rocks just northeast of the dam (on the west bank) exposed now. Fishing action was kind of slow, but at least it was quiet and peaceful out there for a change.
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I hear ya Braves Fan !!

Neil and I hit the Fox...

Computers being slow so can't post report untill tommorow..

but Heres are totals...


18 Small mouth Bass
1 Walleye
1 Flat Head Catfish


14 Large Mouth Bass

Was a Great time !!

And Beautiful Day

Nice report...

Keep them coming

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nice job guys.
Holy cow, George :shock:. Can't wait to see the report.
Fan, I'm glad to see that you did much better on the river than at Beck! Thanks for the report.
Sorry For that last comment

Neil caught 14 SMALL MOUTH BASS

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