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Hey WCF,
I was fishin a local residential pond near my school's campus (the U. of I in Urbana-Champaign) and caught the biggest bass of my life!!

I pitched a texas-rigged sweet beaver (black and blue fleck) past this drainage pipe, and slowly dragged it past the pipe when my line started moving off to the side slowly so I set the hook hard. Man, I can't get over how awesome these baits are!!

Measured at 21" and 5lb and 10 oz on my Berkeley digital scale. I took a pic of the lure that I caught the fish on too, I cut my line immediately after the fish was released so that I could hold onto and cherish the left over torn soft-plastic... heh heh.

Fishing is so freaking awesome!!!!!!!


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gues it was worth going back to school eh tim. congrats young jedi.

i'm tellin ya, those residential ponds produce some of the biggest bass around these parts. it's amazing how they thrive in them.
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