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In honor of yesterday's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to "do the right thing" in honoring law abiding citizen's right to bear arms...I decided to bust out the BigGuns=)

Wednesday morning found me standing in the rain on the river bank.
From a waders perspective it seems like we're never going to get a break this year.

But really all you can do is make the most of it I guess.

Spent from about 8am to 11am catching a few medium sized smallies on crankbaits....the sun would occassionaly peek out from behind the clouds making it exceptionally humid in the rain gear.

I was actually going to quit around 10am but then this girl gave me reason to stick it out a little longer=)

So as I'm driving home my buddy Tom calls and asked how the river was for wading.

"River's jacked for wading." I told him...but just fine for fishing.

Tom made the drive out from the city as I went home and had lunch.
Now Tom's the kind of guy that could really care less if we're catchin' or not..he just likes being out there...casting and talking "fish".

But telling your friend to make a 45 minute drive from Chicago to the river for an afternoon of casting practice just doesn't sit well with me personally.


Tom landed several smaller than that as well... before attaining his new personal best on the Fox.

Put to the tape it was 18" on the dot..nice job Tom

He did however lose one on the jump shake that we both guess-timated to be larger...I told him not to worry though...and vowed to come back the next day and get her for him.

I only had about an hour on Thurs and the action was definitely more consistent but nothing bigger than this guy came to shore.

An acoustic guitar player enjoying the day gave me a rousing rendition of Stone Temple Pilots "Plush"...

And trying to get a decent shot of this guy held me up just enough to make me late..

Now this morning(Friday)...I wasn't supposed to be fishing...but I did have a few errands to run...and I just "happened" to be by the I made a quick stop.

Tom..if you're reading this...

....mission accomplished=)




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What can I say, utterly speechless!!! Excellent post once again Darth.

I need to get on some nice smallies fast. Or I will start fishing with dynamite!!! Got an entire untouched Fox river down here that I am too dumb to read.

Been reading up on smallie habitat though. Sons B-day party is Saturday. Sunday, I am on a mission!!!!

Fox is finally starting to slow a little down here in hickville Ottawa. I'm grabbing my waders, pole, and life vest and heading out.

Life vest because I never waded in Fox before and do not know what I am in for. I guess, better to be safe than

Smallies, here I come...

Keep up the great work Darth. Look forward to your next great outing. Lucky ****'

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Thanks guys :D

Legend I'll be out for an hour or so early and then I have to pack for a vacation to MommaDarth's house on Lake Bracken.
I haven't targeted anything but river fish since last year...with the exception of this past ridiculously outstanding ice fishing season.
I'll pm you my number though just in case I can slip away for a bit before I go..give me a call and let me know when you're gonna be down there.

Zilla...I think the life vest is a good idea...if you're learning new water make sure you have a wading belt...if you step in a hole it'll keep your waders from filling completely with water and pulling you down.
My breathables have a top cinch strap too that I would definitely keep cinched tight.
Having said that...Be careful out there! The water is still rippin' up here!
Stay alert think ahead of each step and always have a plan in case the current takes ya=)

Mad Craw...he was a beginner but not too bad=) I've personally been playing guitar and bass about 25+ years so I may be a bit biased :wink:

I'll see ya'll in a week or two...hopefully with a good post for the "Other Waters" forum!

Have a great weekend everybody and GoodFishin'!
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