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Bloomingdale area fishing report 8/4

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I got out this morning to test some new waters. I went over to Meacham Grove eary and fished for an hour with no luck. Was using crawlers and a Yum dinger. Fish were attacking the crawlers with none hooked. Saw a bunch of bluegill and crappie in the weedy area but no luck. On the way home, saw a park district lake. Caught a handful of bluegill, couple in the 8-10 range and getting ready to leave and caught a nice bass. 14" range.

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Nice fish. This should be easier to view:
Thanks doc! I was having trouble with figuring out how to put in an image!

It was a decent fish - I estimated it was a little over two hands high which for me is 12+
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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