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1968 14 Foot Mirro-Craft Aluminum Fishing Boat with Trailer & 9.9 Johnson Motor (motor needs repair, parts included)

This is a 14 foot 1968 MirroCraft Aluminum fishing boat with trailer and 9.9 Johnson motor (exact year unknown, needs repair, parts included). This is my very own personal boat that has been in the family since 1968 and has been strictly in use up in Northern Wisconsin. It is registered in Wisconsin through 2010. The boat is currently sitting in my backyard in Westchester, IL (near LaGrange Park/ Oak Brook/ Hinsdale). I trailered the boat 330+ miles from Northern Wisconsin to my home on 1/8/08 so I can specifically sell it to the larger market here in Chicago. I cannot find the little plastic registration card that was mailed to us in the spring when we renewed the registration. The trailer does not have a title or registration as the state of Wisconsin does not require trailers to be titled/registered. Trailer is home-made that was bought in northern Wisconsin approx. 12 years ago. A bill of sale will be supplied for boat/trailer/motor.

Boat Information

- 14 foot MirroCraft Aluminum Fishing Boat
- Year: 1968
- 3 benches plus small bow bench
- Includes set of oars
- Registered in Wisconsin through 2010
- Has small dent on starboard side
- Wired for bow and stern running lights.
- Includes bow light . . . stern light is missing and may have fallen out of the boat while being trailered.
- Includes anchor raising/locking mechanism on starboard side of stern
- Includes 2 red bucket seats (not installed). Only one seat has the mounting bracket.

Trailer Information

- Purchased around 1995/1996
- Homemade, year of manufacture is unknown
- Uses 1-7/8" ball
- Lights work
- 4-pole plug
- Good tires
- Includes a brand new spare tire bought in spring '07

Motor Information

- 9.9 Johnson outboard, exact year unknown
- Motor was re-painted and re-finished by me in Spring, 2005.
- Motor was last serviced in September '07. It needs a new water pump.

The OEM (Evinrude/Johnson) water pump kit will be included. Dad and I bought the kit thinking we would try to fix the motor ourselves and use it as a spare kicker . . . We are very sure we could repair it ourselves but we don't have the time nor patience. Since we are lazy, we do not want to pay $300 for someone to fix it.

The motor starts right up but then dies a few minutes after it has warmed up. Unfortunately my dad and I don't know the exact year of the motor. We bought this used on eBay approximately 4-5 years ago. We never thought to check the motor for the model number/serial number when we purchased the motor. We only looked recently when we realized the water pump needed to be replaced. If we remember correctly it was listed as a late '70s model. The serial number/model plate is missing from the mid-section of the motor and there is NO plug with a serial number (as there should be). The rivets are there but the plate is missing.

This motor was working fine up until this past August. When cold it starts up fine. The last time we used it on the lake it started without any problems and took us out to the middle of a 1,300 acre lake. When we tried to move to another spot 10 minutes later it started up and then died after a few seconds.

Based on some hints supplied by fellow eBayers and help from and we are fairly confident that this is a 1978 model. There is a part number that is stamped on the engine block: 318928-1. Someone told me that this is from model years 1974-1978. We also found a number on the tilt handle (322882) on the cover that is found on 1978-1980 models. So . . . based on this I'm guessing that it is a 1978 model. We did take the motor to a mechanic who fixes outboards and other power equipment. He deduced the problem to be a faulty water pump. He did comment that it starts fine and runs strong, but once it warms up it dies. We did not feel like paying him $300+ to attempt the repair plus he was not willing to do the repair without knowing for sure what year the motor is. Everyone keeps telling me to get the model number off of the plug that is on the side of the motor . . . trust me, we have looked inside, outside, right side, left side, top, and bottom, and there is no plug with numbers. There is a spot on the top back of the engine block where it looks like it could have held a plug once upon a time . . . but not any longer. Also, we don't know what the compression is and we don't have the equipment to test it . . . all we know is that the mechanic who looked at it in September said it runs strong before it warms up and dies. we did find out on the internet that 9.9 hp model years 1974 - 2006 use the same water pump kit.

- New Evinrude Water Pump Kit will be included

Please NOTE: This boat/trailer/motor is sold "As-Is". A bill of sale will be included with purchase.

My words and thoughts about this boat - by me, Andrew Ragas

Being a 40-year old boat, and a boat that has been beaten to death for all the fishing my family and I have done over the years, I would rate the boat a 4/5 cosmetically and structurally, and the motor a 5/5. The motor works like a charm and it FLIES when working properly. Do not let a little broken water pump bother you. If you know the internal cosmetics of a motor or know of a Evinrude/Johnson dealer or handy friend who can fix this, the motor can be fixed.

This boat obviously has a lot of sentimental value to me personally. It is an icon, and a symbol for toughness. I grew up fishing out of this boat and have been attached to it since the age of two, as did my dad - it means a lot to us. Part of me does not want to sell this, but part of me does. I want it to go to a good home - especially to someone who will take care of it and get LOTS of joy from fishing with it.

Over the years, this boat has probably caught thousands and thousands of fish for myself and my dad. It has been fished in all fishing elements on the lakes and rivers of Northern Wisconsin - Blizzards - Tsunamis - Hurricanes - Whitecaps - Scorching heat - Anything else.... You name it. It has been fished on lakes of all sizes, been fished for all kinds of species, and been launched at boat landings of many kinds. This is definitely a GREAT boat for fishing lakes with poorer public access and launching from lakes with sub-par landings. Now if you fish in Illinois, this will be the perfect boat for fishing the Forest Preserve lakes (without motor), or the lakes with horsepower restrictions.

The Important Stuff

Asking Price:: $900.00 or BEST OFFER. ACCEPT CASH ONLY

Location:: In Westchester, Illinois. PICK-UP ONLY

For those who are interested, please private message me and we can discuss in further detail. For those who are extremely interested, or moreso than the common man, forum member or visitor, please private message me and I can provide you with further contact information such as personal e-mail address, tel. number, and address (especially if interested in viewing the boat - obviously if my busy collegiate school schedule allows).

Be sure to check out Ebay and Craigslist, or the other various fishing forums, as this boat will be posted at ALL venues within the next twenty-four hours.

$900.00 or Best Offer

THANK YOU! :D Questions? Do ask!

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I've already had a few guys come over to my house to check out the boat.

They're mainly interested in everything besides the motor, which is fine by me.

If no motor, I'm willing to sell just the boat and trailer itself with the goodies all included.

$600. . . . . or best offer.

I'll be gone from now until Sunday but e-mail me if interested.

[email protected]

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Boat, motor, trailer and accessories were just sold today for a total of $650. Motor will be officially taken tomorrow afternoon.

Sold it to a member of a website I belong to -, who fishes the same waters I fish up in Wisconsin :D. Worked out well and it went to someone whom I know will take care of it very well. :D

Thanks for looking guys.

....... Now it's time to buy an effin' expensive bow-mount trolling motor.
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