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boat size

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how big are the boats at deep lake. Do you think we can it 3 people in one. Planning to go tomorrow. sorry for the late question.
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3 would work just fine no problem. One word of advice is borrow a motor) rowing Deep lake if tough work ... :(

With the motor you can cover WAY much more of the lake. Worth the $$
even if you have to rent one
Hey fishingsheep, on Saturday -- me, Edai, and my other bud all fit onto one boat. It wasn't TOO bad, it was do-able, but of course we just had to be careful when we would cast I'm not exactly sure how long the boat is in feet, but theres 2 main benches, and a small one at the front of the rowboat. Good luck out there!
12 foot lunds.
thanks for the fAST REPLIES hopefully we can get some fish
go get'em there in there........
but leave my 6lber alone...she's mine!!! seriously, have fun and catch some fish.
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