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Headed up to Northpoint with Rob aka rockfish and his brother Fred this morning. On the water by 5:45 and out by 9:30. Winds out of the south around 10mph. Temps ranging from low 40's to mid 50's. Swells started out about 1-2 early and 2-3 by the time we got back in.

Kicked it into high gear and dead east to about 140 FOW. Trolled between 140-150 FOW. We went 13 for 13 with one 13lb King (shown below), one 10 lb King and 11 nice 2-3lb Cohos. Cohos were caught in about 35-40 FOW, both Kings at 25-30 FOW.

I was lucky to have drawn the big fish rod today. He fought me all the way into the boat and almost bypassed the boat cause he was running so fast. Biggest salmon ever for me. Wahooooo!!! :mrgreen: :p :shock:

We slayed em today. Glad you called me up Rock. Thanks for the good times as always. :wink: Rock has the photo of todays catch and I will post it as soon as I get it.

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