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I am a big fan of braided line, but for certain applications. I still use copolymer for much of my fishing. For finesse fishing you still can't beat mono or fluoro. I use braided line on my baitcaster with a fluoro leader for topwater fishing but I use a fluoro leader. Specifically, I use 30lb PowerPro and 20lb fluoro for the leader.

I also used 15lb PowerPro with an 8 lb fluoro leader when jigging in Canada for walleye. With the no stretch of the braid, you can't beat it for jigging. My buddy says that you can graph the bottom with it.

I also used it for fishing for smallies this year and liked it a lot. When I am up in Wisconsin fishing for smallies I fish from several docks that are probably 5 or 6 feet high and I have lost a lot of fish when trying to get them out of the water. There I used 10lb PowerPro with the same 6 or 8lb fluoro leader. I think that you need to clear leader because the braid is highly visible.

Whenever you are winding it back onto the spool just make sure that the line is tight and you have no slack in it. This applies to whatever type of line that you are using whether it is braided or not.

Those are the 3 instances that I have used it with success. For most everyday fishing I still use mono or copolymer.
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