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Braidwood Lake - habitat restoration. From Chicago Sun Times

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Chicago Sun Times
May 6, 2007 Outdoor Notes;
First, Richard Newell tossed markers to indicate good spots for location. Think of them as home plate for 72 units of the artificial habitats set at Braidwood Lake Wednesday in an effort to help restore largemouth bass populations. The $6,000 project is funded by Exelon Nuclear and volunteering comes from local bass clubs. After the president of the Illinois Valley Bassmasters indicated good possibilities in 5 to 8 feet, district fisheries biologist Rob Miller, Jeff Jenkins, owner of Fish Habitats Forever, and Exelon's Neal Miller dropped sets. I was most interested in how the Jenkins' habitats settled. With the heavier bottoms, they went straight down quickly. Some sets were placed in public fishing areas, the final ones in restricted zones. Now only time will tell if bass use them effectively.
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