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Breaking the backyard skunk

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I made another stab at scouting out the backyard pond today. This time I was ready for them. I rigged one pole with a small slip baahhbeer and an ice jig and waxie, and another with a small slip float and fathead. I started getting into small gills right away on the waxie rig. Mostly small, but a few up to around 7''. Finally the fathead rig went down and after a short tussle I was greeted by a little crappie. This perked my interest and I started throwing the fathead rig around to a few different places. I had a drop and finally a few minutes later the bobber disapearred. I set the hook, felt some good weight, but it pulled off right away. I figured it had to be a sluggish bass and threw it out again. A few minutes later, down she goes and it feels like another good fish. It ended up being a 12''+ crappie which was a pleasant suprise. I ended up with about 15 gills and 4 craps in the 2 hours I was out there. So, I am happy to report that the backyard pond has fish :p I'll post some pics later tonight.
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Way to go, Matt! I'd love to have a backyard pond of my own to fish someday :)
So when are you going to throw a backyard pond fishing party with us Matt? :mrgreen:
Here is the first pond fish

Followed by a small google eye

If there are a few more of these in there, I will be fishing the pond a lot

Augy, as soon as it is T-shirt weather, I am game
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Those are some healthy lookin crappie :D Any recommendations for what kind of artificial baits might be good for crappie? I've only caught one crappie ever, at Beck, and that was on a tandem spinnerbait (I think I just got lucky with that one).
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