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Broken reel, rotten line, caught a Walleye (photo)

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Jason should install a forum dedicated to Chicago's "other rivers" soon. . . . . . . :wink:


Day 1 of my 6-day turkey vacation began very badly... Got out to the backyard river in the late afternoon after working on the boat all morning. Fished from 3pm until 540.

Within 5 casts at my first area with big rapalas, my Shimano Symetre reel breaks in two areas..... 3yrs old, and not even used 100 times. :shock: WTF. Broken?

Bail spring broke naturally at first, and as I noticed that the reel wasn't performing properly, I make some adjustments moving the bail and right there, the bail splits and breaks in half like a stick of melted butter.......
I'm going to attempt to get Shimano to fix this one - - - - - Either thru warranty if it still exists for this reel, or they will give me a new reel for the sake of giving me one because I will send in this reel along with letter and tell them my story.

If it won't work, I'll gladly let them keep the POS they made and consequently I'll be happy buying a new reel over the winter that will work to its fullest potential.

You can tell why I'm a major fan of Quantum reels now. . . . . . . They don't use bail springs and the bail is made of indestructible titanium.

And besides this broken reel, the entire spool of line on my one well-functioning Quantum reels had rotten line - P-Line Evolution.... This stuff is shit and I've had it spooled on 4 of my reels this year. All containing different sizes of 6-8-10b. All were weak, had very bad knot strength, terrible stretching for a co-polymer line, and at times broke for no exact reasons... This led to me losing a few lures today.

Anyways, in two and a half hours with these unnecessary equipment failures, I got to enjoy my absolute favorite weather and conditions for fishing the backyard river (light rain, dark & gloomy), and I caught my rare, 18th walleye of season from here... Trying to get 20 for year.

Little guy - 17" male, but it made my problems and afternoon worthwhile.

I might be hitting up the DesPlaines tomorrow with my friend. If not, I'll be returning to the backyard river.
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You know Shimano doesn't look too appetizing when you see all of those warranty centers listed on their website...... That's my turn-off... And when you send a reel in for repair or whatever, it's an automatic $20-30. Free money on their end.

Thanks for the idea Matt. I'll be working the phone tomorrow morning. If I get nothing and if they want me to pay up, I'll go for a new reel and then I'll place this reel on retirement at the Andrew Hall of fame. It lived a good, but very inconsistent life.

JB said:
If you get out tomorrow on the DP, hopefully these rains will stir up them walleye!
I heard snow... eventually...... :?
Thanks Alex.

I found a little break in the rain today at around 4pm so I headed out.... Didn't stay for more than 20mins because the flow was flooded. This might kill my entire weekend....... :( After this weekend, I can kiss all my time away thanks to exams and important stuff.

Didn't mind the light rain nor cold.... Too much water and current - this is something I haven't experienced for more than 3 months! :shock: :lol:
Thanks fishkid.

I like the signature BTW... I think along those same lines too. :wink:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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