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Buffalo Creek 6/17/07

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Fished from 5-8pm. Temps in high 80's, partly cloudy, muggy. Fished below the damn on crawlers. Caught 20 decent sized 'gills and 7 LMB in the 7-9" range. Also foul hooked a snapping turlte with a 16" shell. (that sucked) Would have been a blast I my son was old enough to fish with me.
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I need to get back to Buffalo Creek sometime. I went about a month and a half ago, but haven't gotten back since. It's so close to my house I really should get back over there. Were there any cicadas running around out there?? I have none by my house.
I saw 3, all got picked off in mid air by birds. Didn't hear any so they must just be passing by.
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