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Got to Belmont on Sunday and threw gobys, tubes, and cranks and got a decent rock bass on a crank. That was it for the day. Water was actually warmer than i thought it would be.

Burnham on Monday was an interesting learning expierence. We fished to Burnham to Monroe along the shedd aquarium wall. We threw traps, deep cranks and bounced them off rocks, more gobys, and Strike King Rodents on a 3/8oz jig headn alse a few jigs. GOt the skunk. Did see a "pig monkey" of a smallie I mean pushing 5.5lbs. Also saw a few steelheads. Cant wait to get out again. So svslider dont feel bad. I looked like an idiot out there today trying to catchem. Cant wait to do it again. Your right the water was all churned up.
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