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Met my father tonight after work. We put in at Burtons Bridge and fished from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight. There is a channel a little ways down river we like to fish so we went there.Started out throwing a Vibrashock swimblade with no takers. The weed growth was pretty thick so I switched to a Spro Bronz eye frog jr. Well lets just say the Bass were willing to bite. I was just sleep fishing and didn't even set the hook on the first three. Well on the fourth one I set the hook nice and solid. I just forgot to set the drag and well you all know what happened. First time useing that combo and just forgot to set it. My father caught a bunch of bluegills waiting for me to meet him. He had no takers after we hit the channel. The wind blew us allover tonight half the time I was going in circles. Well thats it all in all I had a great time fishing with Dad.
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