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I got some unexpected free time between 4 and 5 today, so I fished the Busse Main Pool. 1st time out in a month.

First, I casted parallel to the rocks at the northernmost dam, and didn't get any hits. There were a bunch of dead bluegill and shad, and the wind wasn't blowing waves into the rocks - so I got the heck out of there.

Then I fished a wind-blown, rocky point with a small white/red spinnerbait. In a five minute period I caught three bass, two small ones and one real fatty I'd guess was 16". (Sorry no pics). Then it shut down completely. I chose that point because I saw a lot of surface action going on and a few cormorants(?) were going nuts picking off some kind of smaller fish.

The carp were going nuts in the shallow flats, jumping clear out of the water.
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