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Busse Lake Report: 11/26/05

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Worked the discharge area with fathead minnows on hooks alone. Caught about 18 largemouth bass. Augy and Will also caught about the same amount. None were legal keepers. Biggest was probably 10.5 inches. Smallest was about the size of the minnows we were using. Temps in the upper 40's; light west winds; partly cloudy. I fished from 2pm-4:15pm. Augy was out there all day and survived on beef jerky.
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should have given me a call i was bored and could have brought turkey sandwiches...
Ahhhh...the power of jerky!!!! And a 20 oz can of Monster energy drink helps. My back was killin me. I'm still hurtin!!!

Willy, I posted Jason and I would be out there. Gotta let you do some family stuff you know.

Anyway, I lost count how many bass I've landed this month but it's well over 40. Not to many keepers if any but they are still bass. Anything under 6 inches I count as half a bass and there have been many halfs caught. So you can imagine how one could lose track. Jason emphatically defended how his 70 record month was in Dec. so I'll pursue that record in a few days. Well, my record is for November and let's say it's 40 for now. The month ain't over yet. Still got two days to tack on a few more bass. Good fishin with you boys.
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