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Busse Lake Report 12-10-05

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I don't usually give up my spots, but the warm water discharge at Busse is no secret. I haven't worked it very much at all the past few years, but December is a great time to catch small bass there.

Today, however, was a good outing, no matter the time of year!

Caught about a dozen largemouth bass. Three were 12 inches and over with the largest being 14 inches!

Fished the discharge from 1:50pm-3:15pm with Augy. He caught a bunch of nice ones as well.

Temps in the mid 20's, overcast with periods of snow, south winds up to 15mph.

Used the "sure bet" fathead minnows on a small hook. No weight, no bobber, and kept it quiet.

Nice outing!
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Um...wheres the mention of the new December Busse record bud? 71 it is! And still got more than half the month left. My prediction is 150 bass by months end. The bite was sporadic. Fish turned on and off. Found them to be hanging out just a wee bit below the discharge this day. Jason comes struttin along and on his 4th or 5th cast he catches this piggy.

Jason's 12 that is!

And here are a few of mine of the day. Proof I'm not full of hot air. Although hot air would of felt real nice this day.

Few of these...

Some of these...

A bunch of these...

Throw in one of these for good measure...

My piggy of the day...and the most beautiful markings I've seen on a LM bass. Just look at this hottie. I nominate her for Ms. Illinois Bass. Whoohoo!

and finally, Mr. Redhook, the fish I wrote about in an earlier post. He was caught three times this day. I say he cause only a male would be dumb enough to get his ass caught three times in a single afternoon. Twice by the guy across from me and soon after by me. All within a span of 15 minutes. Just look at the size of that hook. The guy in the yellow jacket in the crappie pic caught him twice. Real nice guy by the name of Mateen. Hope I spelled that right.

Lastly, Jason and I were mesmerized by this lone coyote or fox running across the lake as we reached the top of the dam. It was quite beautiful to watch him run across while the snow was falling ever so quietly. You can barely see him in the pic but he's the dot in the middle of the image.

Those of you who haven't been out fishing with us, grab your rig and head out with us to Busse. Bassin in December man, come on, what can be better. Willy, you gotta make the next outing man. I guarantee you'll catch your first bass here. Without a doubt.
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:roll: yeah i know but i had the boys and quiet is out of the question with them around, awesome report, and i never doubted you but it's nice to see the pics i love the woods when it's snowing it's so peaceful. you guys are my eyes for now keep the cool reports & pics coming :!: it's been tough the boys don't like to spend the nite with their mom, she leaves em to go out & party and since i'm not like that they rather stay with me... meanwhile keep me posted i'll break out soon :twisted:
Nice fish Augy, Ive been there a couple of times and never knew about bass there. What did you use to catch those?
Nice colors on those bass. I'm just waiting til the ice regroups and I hope that a few bass can be had thru the hole!

Cool yote!

bigmart07 said:
Nice fish Augy, Ive been there a couple of times and never knew about bass there. What did you use to catch those?
the old stand by...nightcrawlers. more importantly, use light line. no more than 6lb and highly recommend flourocarbon in 4lb with small baitholder hook and split shot about 6-8 inches above.

it's all sight fishing there. a good pair of polarized sunglasses are an absolute must! find the bass, cast past them then work your worm back to them and drop it on their nose. the panfish will destroy most of your worms, but with patience, you'll get that worm in front of the bass and once in awhile, he'll take your offering. be ultra stealthy as you move around looking for them. they spook very easily. good luck!
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