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Busse Lake Sectionals 5/9

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We were blessed with a fairly nice day today for our IHSA Sectional on Busse Main pool. I was smart enough to wear a hat, but too dumb to put sunscreen on my arms after taking my sweatshirt off. Got quite the lobster burn on the arms from it. Thankfully the wind predictions were off and it did not really blow hard until the afternoon.

Many of the boats chose to spend the day in the infamous bay of clear water, however we made our hay today on main lake wind blown spots. We stumbled on an area that was funneling current and was about 2 degrees warmer then anywhere else we fished on the main lake. We ended up going back to that area several times throughout the course of the day and several keepers came that area. We were in good shape with a solid limit by 11am and spent the rest of the day looking for a big fish, but unfortunately we caught a few more keepers, but only 1 was good enough to cull, and we gained only ounces. As luck would have it, we needed a high 2 to replace that low one to win as we were out of first by a little over a pound. Fortunately a 3rd place finish still gets it done and we are once again headed to Carlyle Lake for the state championship tournament. It severely humbled us last time out, so we are anxious for another shot.

As always, the kids fished hard all day and their efforts once again paid off.


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That was today! Now it's all coming together. I'm starting to think there might be a reason Stump #1 ain't where it used to be since this morning.

Congrats on advancing to state, good luck guys
There were sectionals Thursday and today. I ventured over there for about a half hour this morning and things looked to be in proper order from past recollection.
No worries, no implications directed at you, reads like you were out mid main shoreline, cormorant island, coves 1 "Governors cove"-2-3 maybe 4.( that's what i call em.) But a bass boat up against it for some reason might have broke it free, who knows.

One thing for sure, that stump ain't getting out of the bay.:LOL:
Seems like the likely explanation. There were boats back there all day, and obviously alot bigger then what is normally out there. The way the wind was gusting in the afternoon I see the potential for something like that happening. Seeing as how long that stump had been in place, that is unfortunate, regardless of the cause.
Well, after a week it seems to have found a new home. Guessing 100’ west and 300+ feet north, way closer to Higgins now. It found the 2’-3’ muddy depth and the weeds have it now. Shit, half the bay is surface weeds in just the last week.

It ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Unless,,,,I get a new battery, wait till the fall weed die off, or early spring, a 2-3 foot high flooding water event, toss my bow rope around it, and haul it, with some strong wind assist, to a better location. Sounds doable.:unsure::LOL:

Wow, all these thoughts about a singular stump in a lake. God I’m old:whistle: or nostalgic.
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