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well I got out to Busse and fished by myself since some buddies had to work. "too bad for them :lol: " So I started out by the creek channel and noticed the ice got really scarry after popping a hole and estimating 10 inches, then popped another hole right on the edge of the channel and it got 3-5 inches. It might have been thinner in another area... so I headed back and fished another area that I had a feeling some panfish would be at since the walleye venture was out of question being alone and all. It's just not worth risking it. So I popped some holes and started fishing at about 12:45am set up a couple tip ups near a drop I know of and jigged a couple hundred feet from it in some decently deep water. 10-14 ft ;) The bite on the jigging rod was slow, I tried mixed colors of spike, Nail-Tails, even some Crappie Minnows. I really had to work for them. They wanted the red spikes mostly, and I was marking fish everywhere!!! So after figuring out a thing or two I got consistent on the bite and managed about 20-25 fish (estimately) I took only a few pics. But as it got later in the day it got a little chilly and I set the shanty up and procieded (Did I Spell That Right?) as I was about to leave at 4:30pm the bite was starting to pick up which is a shame because I had to walk pretty dam far back before they closed :( but atleast it wasn't the skunk. But im still waiting for them walleyes. I will not venture to where I have to fish unless if im in a team Mission. But that's how it goes. No Flags and just some Lil Itty Bitty Panfish. Including a few yellow bass, suprisingly :? Here's a few pics and I might go out tomarrow if someone wants to meet me there. I know we can catch eyes. It's just a matter of getting there and finding them. It might be a hike. But can be worth it at times... Take Care Guys!!!





PS: PM me If anyone will hit busse tomarrow on the ice. I would love to target the Walleyes but will not venture where I have to go alone. PM me tonite and I will get back to you with my cell #. If not, no big deal... I might do it anyways and just be careful on my mission. Thanks guys and Have Fun Fishn'
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