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Got the skunk at busse again with my friend brian. Some people were using wax worms and pulling up little bluegills, but thats not what i was after.
Saw a hog of a bass trying to eat the (i think) spawning sunfish near the shore. This bass was a good 18 inches and fat. Through a hula popper on top of some weeds hoping to catch its attention because there were a ton of frogs hopping in and out of the water. I started casting spinner baits but i ended up changing pretty quick because my spinner kept slipping down the line and catching weeds.

We saw the beavers swimming. 2 of them. Looked nice.

There was an asian man in a blue jacket with some big mudboots casting somthhing topwater and he hooked into a pretty big bass. He looked like he was using a fly fishing rod possibly? couldnt tell becasue he was far away, but he seemed to be flyfishing?
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