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Busse south pool 11-3-07

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Fished for 3 hours and got the big skunkola,not even a nibble :(

Worse part was when my battery ran out of jiuce and we were heading straight for the dam ,so started paddling with a pushpole I had and just barely got out of the way before going down the dam lol and crashlanded on the riprap-scary moments indeed.
Thx for saving us Frank !
Time for a new and bigger battery.
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:shock: Sorry to hear about your bad luck, but glad that you guys are all right. That sucks about the battery and skunk. It looks like I need to get you some oars for Christmas. :wink:

Wind was getting strong at the end Aris. Over the Dam !!!!! wow

Dean and I got there at 9:00ish almost got a speeding ticket on the FP road ticket and managed one dink striped bass.
Holy Crap time for a new batt Aris. Mike thanks for getting me out on the water love that boat dude. They always say a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work. Heres the only pick i got when we got there

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That is for sure a scary story!!!! Glad to hear your OK man.
Thanks for taking me out on the crawdad Aris. Even though there were no fish caught and started water rafting I had a blast nonetheless. 8) I got your back, LOL! At least I didn't freak out and jump out the boat haha!
They only question is how hard were the people on the dam laughing... :lol: Perfect YouTube moment
OOOOOOOOOOOOOh, sit right down and hear a tale, a tale of a fateful ship.

New name for Aris's crawdad:

S.S. MINNOW :shock:

Glad you guys are o.k.
Just call him WHITE WATER
Glad you guys are OK that would have been nerve racking to say the least.
Wow sound pretty wild.

Glad to here everyones ok.

Holy cow! Thanks God you got out of there.

I think we know what to get Aris for Christmas... No, not a battery, an oar! :lol:
Thanks God everything turned out all right. It kind of makes a slow fishing day not really matter when things like that happen. Glad there was a happy ending.
Thx for ur concern guys !

It was definatly an adventure :) just glad it turned out ok and noone got hurt .

I will for sure be buying a paddle :D
it may not be a bad idea to have a smaller backup battery just in case. sometimes oars won't cut it if the current is strong enough.

glad your ok dudes.
Sorry Jay he has brand new Oars that we bought when we had our first boat...LOL
theres no oar locks on the crawdad -paddle only lol
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