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Bussy main lake bass report sun. 4/26/09

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launched boat at 2:30
air temp 67
water temp at dock 59
wind sw 15-20mph

Worked wind blown points and shoreline. caught first bass at about 3:00 on long point on east side of lake on a rapala dt-fat 3 . 14inch not to bad.

2nd bass about 5:00 on east shoreline brush on red lipless crank 15inch getin a little better.

3rd bass about 6:45 in channel to clearwater bay on laydown. 1/2 oz. wht/char terminator spinner w/gold colorado blade. 18inch now that's what I'm talkin bout.

All in all not a bad afternoon for this time of year. The wind was a real pain, but that's whare the fish are.

The Conservation Police were at the dock when I got back. Thay checked everything short of an anal probe. All checked out good, so she just complained that I didn't have a distress whistle.

conditions should be even better next weekend. I can't wait!

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Thanks for the report kickbass. Welcome to the site. Sounds like you had a decent day at good ole Busse Lake.
if u looked hard enough u ould of found my ratl trap on that shore line. got caught up in fence
kickbass said:
All checked out good, so she just complained that I didn't have a distress whistle.
"Sounding Device" they call it...I always think of the movie Titanic...good thing "Rose" pulled that whistle out of that guys mouth ...saved her life... :mrgreen:(i know it's just movie)
but they ask you to have one for a reason...and it's a good one.... that most forget!!!!!
Never know when you may need it.........
sat when me and cathnrelease got stuck when our trolling motor died and wind was so strong we could not paddle back during the thunderstorm that whistle came in handy :mrgreen:
OK, I stopped and bought a whistle today. NOW I should be 100% legal and safe.

Oh, wait, I don't need a flair gun at Bussy, do I? just kidding.

But seriously, you guys, and the officer, are absolutely right. It just never dawned on me I guess. I have never run out of power on the water. I run 2 batteries at 110ah each. But you never know, and you can't always depend on a cell phone to work. (dead bat. no sig. fell in lake, ect.:)

Good luck to all
Good stuff kickbass. Sounds like a nice day on the water, and a warning rather than a ticket. Doesn't get much better than that.
So, since you just went through the search and probing, what exactly does one need in their boat to be legal? Do we need and extinguisher if we are only using electric? Other than the whistle what else is needed to stay out of trouble? Where would I find the regulations? Thanks.
I think I might of seen ya out there the other day. :D . do u use a boat similar to a pelican if not a pelican????

I saw a dude with "Kickin Bass!" written in black letters across the back of his craft at the launch the other day.

Was that you? :D
When I was checked on busse with one of my buddies, they said we needed a fire-extinguisher even with the trolling motor. But the officer might have been haveing a bad day. check the ILDNR rules and regs for boaters because I know a 14ft boat and under has different regs than a boat over 14 ft. The funny thing is. if you rent a boat from busse, it does not come with one... :?
they do want fire extinguishers, i have heard that before and my bud was bothered for one before. i got an old one from my last job location that i threw in my boat jus incase they feel like being gay.
Yes and they will check if it is up to date (Can not be old)... It also has to be an ABC extinguisher. The pin has to be in it as well and not removed.

I have been hassled there too many times. Once my buddy whipped out the rules and regs book and out-smarted the officer. It saved him 75 bucks. But then the Officer became a jag-off. probably because that is his job and he got out smarted by a couple younger guys that don't even do what he does for a living. :lol: . There is different regs for boats under and over 14ft ;)
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