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cary creek 2/23/08

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got out to the crik by my house today to try for some chubs, trout, white's, etc.
i went exploring...
I found myself some nice spots on the crik today :D , one is a little area where it opens up and gets split by an island, the creek gets about a foot deep here and its crystal clear 8) . there are large boulders here and there out of this hole and the banks are undercut, tell me that isnt screaming FISH HERE! There is also a deep hole right in the larger side of the creek, there must be some nice fish in there :wink: . (ill take pics next time im there :idea: )

the other spot is right near where it dumps into the fox river. there is a shallow fast area with alot of gravle and then it dumps over a small spillway into a plunge pool, right under there are some logs and rocks, the depth is deeper than my 4'6" ultralite so its probably around 5-7 feet deep. the bottom seems to be sand and rocks with alot of grass. There is a gravle pool right downstream to! :wink: tell me these spots dont scream for fish?

all in all:
bait: small twisters
pole:4'6" ultralite
reel: shakespear ultralite ALPHA series reel
line: 6lb spiderwire mono (clear blue)
body of water:cary creek
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