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Me and my dad went out for some casting practice today. I was casted everything in the tackle box, we only got halfway around the lake, but we stopped when we saw fish swimming all over the place on the banks. They were swimming but not biting. THere were some nice sized ones swimming too but a foreign family was there picnicking so i didn't want to cast over or ask permission to cast near so i just kept goin past.

At one point a man came with a 10 foot pole and actually caught some bluegills, but they were about an inch or two long. He was using red worms and a slip bobber about 10 feet down. He was nice and said that the cold yesterday moved em back into the deeps.

Also at one point I pulled in a stick with a bunch of globs on it. I thought they were fish eggs, but they weren't like any of the South American Cichlid eggs that I've seen, and I figured they were zebra mussel larva.I assume most fish eggs are generally the same, besides size. White eggs are unfertilized and clear are ok. These were basically globs with white dots.
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