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How do I catch those gosh darn fish that are scattered so deep at Deep Lake?

Last Saturday, after giving up on the bass for a while, I found many scattered fish ranging from 15 to 35 feet deep at a certain location. I was south of the point by perhaps 75-100 yards. This zone of scattered fish was at least 50 yards long from east to west.

I tried to anchor but couldn't anchor since I had perhaps 40 feet of rope in 45 feet of water.

Most of you are bass fishermen, me too. But I wouldn't mind hitting a nice stretch of bluegill, crappie, or whatever. Whatever those fish were, they had a good size on the fish locater and they were constant. My guess is they were a big school of the elusive black crappie or maybe large bluegill.

How would you have fished those depths?

Thanks for your ideas.
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