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Catfish Derby at wonder lake

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Hey guys my dad and me were invited through a friend to a catfish derby on wonder lake (private lake) on aug. 12th 7pm to 7am on the 13th never really targeted cats before looking for some advice guy any tips would be great
what lb line you think i should use?
things of this nature
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I would say a 8# to 12# line on a medium action rod w/ a fast tip would be idea for cats. Target the shallow areas of the lake/pond using night crawler, chicken liver or cut bait. Have at least two of the three with you just in case they are favoring one over another that night. In my experience, those work the best. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Two pieces of advise - treble hooks and chicken livers. I've caught cats on crawlers and store bought stinkbaits, but they go after chicken livers like fiends. I haven't used cutbaits often, but my uncle who loves going after catfish swears by them.
yeah i hear the most about chicken livers i'll have to go to the store soon and pick some up
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