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Hi i was wondering if anyone had any tips for catchin' some catfish on either Busse, Lake Glenview, or Skokie Lagoons?

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Well my friend... you have picked 3 pretty decent local lakes for catfish.

This time of year is not really considered catfishing time - HOWEVER, catfish are just as available as other fish after iceout.

There were some people catching catfish last weekend at Busse on nightcrawlers fished off the bottom. This is a good way to go. The only problem with that is the bluegill may get in the way quite a bit.

Don't be afraid to use some of the catfish dough baits such as Sonny's. Also, chumming an area would be helpfull. You might even want to chum the evening prior to fishing.

Especially at Lake Glenview... work those fishing piers. Try some white bread to chum. Load up a spot with some bread and head back the next morning with bread on a hook or corn.
For cats I like to use chicken livers, they only cost about a buck for a tub of them from Jewel, and they seem to work very well. If fishing still water you don't even need weight.

The livers have a thick grizzle like band running through them, thats where you and to run a nice big 2/0 - 4/0 hook. Thats what works for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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