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cause someone pm me??

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I live by east river and higgins, can someone tell me where i can go close by for pike. Also has anyone caught any muskies out of the river or big bend. Or a secret lake close by with muskies. Iwould be willing to send a few CFD hats ands shirts for some great info . I have a new born and cant go far!!!! Thanks nichael
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I have walked along the river just checking it out from Higgins north to Lawrence along the east side, and there were very few spots with easy access to the shore, that are near good fishing. But, that was only a couple times I made that hike. I would just walk on in and check it out. Thats how to find the good spots close to you. Take the trail that goes back behind the cemetarys, just north of the expressway. It leads right down to the river.
You're not too far from the Devon dam. Enter off of River Road just south of Devon. No muskies in there though. The closest muskies are probably about an hour west either in the Fox River or Shabbona. The Fox Chain has 'em too.
Touhy dam isnt too shabby eiither.
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