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Well this weather has really been something,, not really favoring the working man !!!
50 mph winds , sideways rain , hail ,thunder, lighting !!! Wow,, fall/winter in Chicago !!
A few guys were brave enough to get out on the chain,, but not me !!!! hehehe ;)
The Guys that were out there musky fishing did not do good,, boat control was hard and I think only one report of a fish being raised.. I will be on the Chain this Saturday and Sunday , but as of right now I don't know what tactics we will use , we'll have to watch the weather. One for sure we will be hanging meat over the sides… (using live suckers)
There were some walleye caught and some decent crappie and white bass , most of these were caught using a jig and minnow presentation……. The open water days are getting numbered for the chain so not too much time left out there !! I hope I can get my clients a fish in the boat ,, talk to soon,,~~T
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