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Check out the reel I won...

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I'm a member of the NAFC and a while back, in their magazine, I noticed they had a "Catch and Release" online fishing contest. So I figured, why not? Here's the picture I entered. I thought my chances would be pretty good with a bass this size from Illinois...

Here's what I ended up winning...

The reel is worth $150 and I didn't pay a thing. Here's the specs on the reel from the Okuma site...

NAFC says that they might put my picture in their magazine. I can't wait to start using it. It will make a great bass and salmon reel.

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Good job Phil ! :D

That fish is a beast !

Nice reel, hope u catch many more lunkers with it :D
Nice fish and nice reel that you won there.
Nice job I read it every month!

I'll look for ya!
Congrats Phil. I won a few jigs on an online raffle and was excited for a week. Can only imagine how you feel... :lol:
I'm real happy w/ the okuma stuff. I own several reels,I just got the aventa centerpin w/ matching 13'6" float rod. this is the first I've seen the reel you won but I'm sure you'll like it. Joe
just checked out the specs and noticed a 5 year warrenty, that should say something right there.
Wow, that is a nice looking reel. Congrats on the catch and the prize.
That's a dandy of a reel, Phil! Nice job.
Thats Great!!!! Nice Reel and Nice Fish
Way to go Phil. It's cool to finally see a full size picture of that awesome bass.
that is a very nice okuma, very nice largie too
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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