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I noticed that Belleau didn't have the gates open yesterday and there was a "No Fishing" flyer posted on the main sign. Is it because they are stocking the trout there now for the opener? Is it going to be this way until the trout opener?
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The opener isn't until next weekend. I think that they usually only close it a few days prior to the open.
it usually takes the fish about a week to get really acclimated.
It is indeed closed till the trout opener.
I've always wondered what the mortality rate is for the fish being stocked. I've noticed minnows die pretty easily no matter how hard I try to acclimate them. I know minnows are tiny fish that are ultra sensitive to any slight change in climate, but figured larger fish might have similar issues. I probably have too much time on my hand to be thinking of this stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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