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Thats awesome!!! :D

But where is the rest of the feesh!!!??? :lol: Haha, im guessing its just a Teaser until the Big Report :wink:

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Sweet. I have taken many trips out of John's Pass growing up. I had an aunt that lived in Largo and used to drive down whenever I could. That whole area from St. Pete to Sarasota is absolutely breathtaking.

With the size of the teeth on the fish I will guess that it is a mackeral :?:

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Yep-King Mackerel

We were lucky, the circle hook did its job.
Across the mouth the fish would have easily cut the line.

Over a few hours we caught & released over 30 fish of 11 species.
That didn't include the ones that got away or we never brought to hand.

Both of my boys were able to drift shad and hook and reel in fish.

Great time, too much action and I never had time to try the flyrod.

The Mackerel we fought for a while on light tackle.
Each of the boys had a turn of working the fish in,
then hearing the drag scream.

Did some bottom fishing as well and I had to hold them fighting fish so they wouldn't get pulled in.

The strikes were amazingly strong.

Big surprise was the pinfish.
Only read about them but until ya get spiked its pretty cool.

i'll have to write up a decent report and add more pics.
The snow/sleet yesterday made me wish I was gulf fishing and not ice fishing..
Matt we love that area as well..
Just starting to think about retirement and narrowing down areas...

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Mid October 4 weeks ago.
Headed out from the docks in Clearwater, Fl.

guide wanted to go at 730.
By myself sure.
With wife and kids, no way.

We negotiated 9am.

Stopped to net bait, i still can't toss that thing.
Once you get the hang of it, you're set.

Stopped at a few spots for multi species.

Finally stopped off shore about 1.5 miles.
Hooked into everything and it seemed every fish around,
we counted 11 different species.

brought a flyrod rigged with some weighted clousers but never got the chance to toss it.
Fish were ~20fow, some suspended but moving with the current.

Caught many species, great for the kids to see differerent shapes & colors of fish up close.
Magazines and internet only go so far.

Biggest was the king Mackerel that circled the boat a number of times.
Coolest was the spanish Mackerel.
Beautiful colors and even my pic misses details.

I chatted with a few guides, many had their plan on where to fish or troll.
i wanted to cast.

Searching around I found one that actually hosts a radio show on Saturday mornings about fishing.
He should know how to put us on fish, and he did.

I also wanted the kids to hook into fish casting.

Gotta let the guide know what you want, and it will benefit all.

This guy worked rigging bait, unhooking fish and helping fix snags & reels for the 4 of us.
Plus I got to fish!

Back to the dock by 1pm and headed south to St john Pass for lunch.

Heading back in March for Spring Break.
Already booked a morning of fishing.

Restaurant at the dock in Clearwater will cook your catch.
I can't wait for my "caught" grouper sandwich and Corona!

Check out Captain Gary in Clearwater marina:


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Sweet! I miss it down there. Used to catch those spaniards off the gandy bridge. Good times, get a few friends and a case of beer and it was on. Thats a nice king I bet he fought well.
Next time that you get out there try the rumrunners at shepards mmmmmm.....rum and I heard that the grouper sammies at the palm pavilion are da bomb!
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