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Coleman's Bigin

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Was going trough some pics Heres Cole's biggest 19 inches

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thats somethin to be proud of!!! nice bass
Nice..hope this year brings another onslaught!
"Fishing with your son!!!!!!!!!

Just about says it all

Wished my Son liked to fish. Used to when he was 7-8-9 ...but now he's 13 "To Cool" to fish with his Dad :roll:

Later in life( I told him ) your going to wished you did.....

He just thinks I'm nuts

(I can hear the words already down the road.....You had a Bass boat and I never went on it)......maybe later in life he may but kids today want "instant gratification".

Fishing is 100% about patience there is no instant gratification....Most kids today just can't handle it....

Good to see some still do Dean :wink:
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Good pic Bassman!

Hey Bassmaster,
Have some patience. He'll come around. A lot of people have their interest in the outdoors wane as they go through their teen years. I know I did.
Way to go. Its nice that you can share fishing with your son.
Nice one! I love fishing with the oldman :D
Nice fish Cole !
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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