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Crappie are shallow

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If you aren't aware or been targeting them they are really shallow right now. Fished a pond and a lake and got on them Saturday and then Monday after work. Found blacks spawning on rocks or brush or just about to spawn. Nearly all black or just getting there. White crappies very shallow Monday evening. Hot window in the last hour before dark. Best went 14.75". Some on the nymphs with the fly rod, black hares ear and some sort of black leech pattern. Some on a keitech mono spin jig under a bobber 2' with a cut piece of elaztech fluke tail from strike king, baby z too(?). The keitech jig has a single mono weedguard that helped the bait from fouling vs an open jig. Few on a okashira head and 3" hazedong. Found them in the weeds or just inside and outside the first defined weed line off the bank. Ran into some post spawn bass outside those weedlines. Still buck bass fry guarding.

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