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I dont have one, but try running different line with it, even a swivel or a snap swivel maybe. My buddy has the bluegill one and his runs fine with a swivel off his braided line onto about an 18"Floro leader on I think his 7'2" or 7' Loomis bait caster, he even uses it as a jerk-bait sometimes. Just real hard snaps like your working a Zaro Spook with a little slack in the line. It will actually dart side to side. My buddy has caught many bass on the bluegill one.

PS: It might be because his braided line has no stretch and the swivel will keep the line in balance... Also, Im not saying you are, But i don't know what action and weight rod you are using, You might want to try switching up the rod weight to maybe a medium heavy rod for that lure, That can also cause a problem. If none of this fixes it, There might be a default in the lure itself.

I know its a lot, but one change can make the difference in the action of your lure.

I really hope this helps.

BTW what setup are you using for that lure and what ounce weight is that lure?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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