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the outing was total weight with the Slot limit set at 12"

Fishing was tough, Although the Day Was Very Comfortable. Great Fishing with you all Again! James Ended up winning the tournament with two bass caught on the west Shoreline Both were caught on tubes. I caught My Bass on a weightless worm fishing Drop offs on the East shoreline. I Had another n but unfortunately it got off. Congratulations to James for Coming Through with a win With another Post cold-front tournament. Our Next Friendly outing is May 18, 2008 And hopefully the Weather will finally get stable enough to Catch a Consistent bag of bass.

1st James 2 Fish With a total of 2lbs 6oz
2nd George 1 fish With a total of 9oz

Season Standings:::

1. Jaypee 265

2.George 260

3. Hide 180

4. john 165

Johnathon 165

5. James 105

6. Neil 85

Great Time as Always Gents!
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