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Been working too much and not fishing enough. When I do take a day off I enjoy spending time with the family even if it means less casting for me.

A few good updates, my son can literally outfish me at local ponds at times now. Including one park district pond outing where he outfished me 8 bass to zero. Bass only wanted a crappie jig that day.馃ぃ

My daughter can now cast all on her own and catch panfish at will. Shes 4yrs old.

Yesterday I ran into a poacher at a local pond with a whole cooler full of runt blue gills, most likely for flathead bait. I gave him the business and he released them all.

I apologize for not enough detail reports but I have been keeping tabs on everyone elses reports and to me they're all gold. Even updates on skunks are valuable and scratch the itch for me. Thanks guys, keep up with the local fishing.

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Nice work super dad! Love your family pics. I'm always pleased to see you helping out the next generation of anglers and doing it the right way! I especially love the 4yo competent fisher!

I see lots of people that try to have the kids out fishing with them and of course they wander off bored and/or complain (it's a pet peeve of mine, too much time spent fishing the FP lakes heh). I see that the adults don't even teach/let the kids cast even, do everything for them. Of course they'll be bored, they aren't learning how to fish!! Anyhow, I won't preach to the choir ;) But good on ya!

Best of luck out there. Them's some good lookin catches.

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That smallie is a tank for sure, also Fox? Is that a brown? Beautiful.
That smallie was from a kayak trip on the Milwaukee River.

Yes that's a brown trout from the discharge at the Waukegan powerplant. This was the last year to hit that discharge as they shut down the Waukegan power plant earlier this month after a century of poisoning the lake and surrounding community. They will now fumble the clean up process no doubt. They intend to bury coal ash within steps of the lake and cover it with a plastic tarp claiming it will contain the ash for 400yrs with out any ground water seepage. But initial tests already show the ground water all around the site is already contaminated.
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