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Dam #2

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My buddy couldn't come down from Wisconsin to show me his pike spot. I got a hit from something in the pool just northwest of the dam that took my jointed Rapala and steel leader to boot because of a half assed job on my part with the knot. Could of been a turtle for all I know. I went a little downstream a caught a couple of gills on a wacky rigged 3" worm, but caught nothing else. Looking at the topo map of the area, I'll work the area north of there if fishing for pike because there are a couple of small tributaries and pools. The area south of the dam looks like good catfish territory and I saw a couple swim by. It was too late and I was too tired from the weekend or I would of rigged up for catfishing. I've been pretty frustrated with gamefish lately, being a catfish and carp guy for a long time. Sometimes I think I'm just not working the baits right. I had good luck earlier this year in Wisconsin with pike and bass using inline spinners (the reason I started really going after gamefish this year), but I've been stinking it up lately with the skunks.
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Is Dam #2 the one right along Milwaukee by Palwaukee Airport? I know that there are some pike there, but I haven't caught any. Thanks for the report.
:shock: Sorry about the double post.
It's south of Palwaukee, just north of Euclid. Dam #1 is adjacent to the north side of the airport. The area in between the two dams is almost inaccessable to shore fishing but seems like the best spot to fish for pike because there are several tributaries. I'm thinking about saying screw it and taking an inflatable even though you're not supposed to. :twisted:
Thanks. :)
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