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dark colors in dark water theory

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ok, i couldn't sleep last night and all kinds of crazy thoughts were running thru my head. figured i'd post this since it's about fishing. anyway, here goes...

i came up with a theory for dark colors in dark water. silouette factor plays a role when the lure is above the fish...but what about hits that come when the "dark" lure is worked along the bottom. no silouette factor there? right??

dark colored lures produce more reflection of light than light colors. think about it, light colors will relect light too but the reflection doesn't have enough contrast against a light background where as a dark color will reflect light with a stronger contrast to make the glimmer/shine more visible and intense.

many soft plastics are loaded with reflecting glitter. also, a senko is pretty glossy right out of the package so the plastic itself should reflect some light. especially along the ridges of senkos.

alright, ya'll know now that i'm a little bit wacko :roll: a little bit country and little bit rock n roll

geee...i crack myself up. :lol:
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Well........ i would think that since it's dark water there would be a very small amount of light penatrating below the surface. I would think that motion (Chatters, rattles and spinners ) would attract the fish and down in the depths color would not matter. If it did then why not "Try" to use ANY available light with a bright color lure. Some light may hit the bright color and light it up better than a dark lure color. I never bought into the dark water = dark lure idea but I do go with motion or smell(live bait)
In my very limited experience of being aware of this issue this summer, dark does indeed seem to prevail in dark conditions. That doesn't mean light won't work in dark and dark won't work in light. As for noise and smell, I have rarely caught a fish on Berkley Powerbait, very rarely. And also have caught many more Bass on virtually silent senkos vs. big and flashy spinners and the infamous chatterbait. I am sure it is in the way you work whatever you are working.
(I say this in good fun just joking around )

That's why they call you TopWater!!!!

and differences of presentation are why fishing is so much of a challenge
the conditions are always changing
Hey Minnow, I'm a Game Fish!!! :lol: Though my nickname is topwater, I don't think I've ever caught a fish on a topwater lure! Which sucks, cause it seems like it would be a rush.

But really, has anybody tried the Berkley scented stuff? Does it have any noticable effect on results? I'm sure the same could be said by some of senkos, but I just have never seen results on the Berkley stuff..... The flashy spinner thing I get and have seen some results, but the scented just seems to me to not make any difference at all over any plastic curly tail or worm, etc...
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