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DAY 11

Chicago river
Temp: 22
Feels Like: 13
Wind: NW 8 Mph
Sky: Cloudy/Snow
Water: Few inches below regular level
Water color: Stained
B. Pressure: 20.13
Fish Caught: 0
09 fish Count:65from Dec.3108-jan12010

I Went Before Work got a skunk! I went on my Break got a Skunk! Went After Work ... SKUNK!

I Did Hook 3 shad.. 1 by mouth using a jig.

But It was fun to get out in that snow.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: With the new Snow equipment.

I'm VERY ANGRY... And hopefully have better results tomorrow

see you all tomorrow..

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I've hooked/caught SO many shad in that spot its unbelievable!

Dude... I was wondering if you'd get out there today and indeed you did.

Sometimes the outcome changes during the journey. The fact is - you are ON the journey. When its said and done, at the end of this year, or whenever it ends, you will have quite a story to tell for the rest of your life my friend. And its already becoming good reading.

Keep at it buddy!
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